Mirrors not only reflect your style … they create magic!

Decorating your room with mirrors can transform any space in your home. Mirrors are not just for bedrooms, bathrooms, and hallways. An easy way to elevate your décor is to add mirror accents in your kitchen and bar, cabinets, buffet tables, closets, dressing rooms, makeup stations, and alcoves. You can even create mirror walls!

You know the age-old trick … placing a mirror across from a window to enhance the amount of light in a room to make it appear brighter. Or placing a mirror over the mantlepiece or fireplace to create a focal point within the room. You can also position a mirror between two windows to trick the eye into believing the space is larger than it actually is.

“Mirrors are really pieces of art. They have the ability to transform a space like no other piece of decor,” says Chris Van-Pelt, owner of M&M Glass Company. “Over the last 30 years, we have seen any and every type of glass and mirror project you could possibly think of. Homeowners and designers have added mirrors to hide secret rooms within a home or serve as a canvas for custom artwork. Our employees are proud to play a part in making design visions come to life within your space.”

At M&M Glass, customers’ mirror options are nearly limitless. Customers can take their time selecting the perfect mirror and custom frame for their space or request a free on-site consultation with one of M&M’s sales and design professionals. Looking for an added touch to your custom mirror? M&M does that too. The company is proud to have the only state-of-the-art beveling machine and polisher for glasswork in the Baton Rouge area. Its custom mirror shop cuts, polishes, bevels, and frames mirrors right on-site. From mirrored backsplashes to large wall-to-wall mirrors, the M&M team is ready to bring your vision to life.

In September, M&M rolled out its first-ever Designer Mirror Collections. The team attended Dallas Total Home Market Week last year, met with dozens of designer frame manufacturers, and selected the best quality products to bring back to Baton Rouge.

“It’s a really exciting time for the home building industry,” says Van Pelt. “Builders, interior designers, remodelers and contractors are creating beautiful spaces like we have never seen before. With the addition of our Designer Frame Collections, we now offer even more of a selection for our customers no matter their budget and style. From plain to antique mirror, colored mirror, tempered, or patterned glass, we have you covered.”

M&M Glass offers a satisfaction guarantee to every customer on every product. It starts with a free consultation at your home, taking measurements, suggesting the optimal placement or size, ensuring you know the differences in types of glass and mirror options that are available, and selecting an appropriate frame style. The M&M team will consider your furnishings and decorating style to ensure your mirrors and mirror products blend seamlessly.

M&M Glass was founded in 1984 by Robert Mitchell as a company that installed affordable, high-quality shower doors, but expanded quickly to include a wide variety of glasswork and mirrors. Today, customers throughout south Louisiana have realized their dream homes thanks to M&M’s incredible craftsmanship and superior service.

The M&M Showroom is located at 13429 S. Choctaw in Baton Rouge, and is proud to serve the outer markets of Lafayette, New Orleans, the north shore, and Houma. Best of all, they do not charge a travel fee within the markets they serve. For more information, contact us today!