Our Shower Door Options

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Shower door designs have swept the bathroom design arena by storm.

The possibilities are nearly endless. This means, you have some decisions to make.

  • Framed or Frameless Shower
  • Steam Shower
  • Pony Wall
  • Shower Cutout 
  • Doorless Shower
  • Bypass or Sliding
  • Pivot or Inline
  • Semi Frameless or Speciality 

Our standard thickness for shower doors is 3/8-inch glass. For taller or wider showers, we may recommend 1/2-inch glass. All of our shower doors are made from tempered glass for your long-term safety. In the highly unlikely circumstance your shower does shatter, it will not break into thousands of small pieces, resulting in a safer product. 

When designing or redesigning your shower, there are many different styles to choose from. Your first decision is whether or not you would like a framed or frameless shower.

Your Shower Door Options



Today’s framed shower door options offer many customization options to fit your space and design. Framed options don’t need thicker glass or specialty hardware and are often more affordable than frameless showers. 

Framed showers offer a variety of glass types to match your bathroom’s style with textured glass, or create intimacy with smooth, satin privacy glass.

Framing your shower creates a stronger watertight seal, avoiding areas for leaking. 

Showers are not fish tanks. All showers leak slightly, with some more than others depending upon the design of the shower and number of shower heads pointing directly at the glass.

Bypass, or Sliding:

Bypass doors slide past one another, rather than out. This reduces the space you need for your shower and can help you make the most of a long and narrow shower nook.


Just like a traditional door, pivot doors swing outward. We also offer dual-opening hinge doors that can open both in and out. These are a great option for larger bathrooms.


Like pivot doors, inline doors operate with a hinge. They swing open like a normal door. But unlike traditional doors, you can set inline shower doors flush with other large glass panels for a more seamless style.


Get the open look of frameless shower doors for less with semi-frameless options. These typically have inline doors and minimal framing with large glass panes.


Make your bathroom unique with our specialty showers. Choose from arc or bow front doors to add gentle curves to your space. You can also add interest in a larger bathroom with unique metalwork designs.

Many customers choose to have a frameless shower door installed in their spaces. A frameless shower can open up your bathroom, providing a seamless look with less hardware. 

  • Showcase intricate tile or marble, as well as shower accessories like rain showerheads or benches.
  • Frameless showers are easier to clean than framed options, with fewer nooks and crannies to manage.
  • Provide better ease-of-access, especially for those with accessibility issues.
  • In most cases, frameless showers add a modern look that translates into a higher resale value.

Finishes and Knobs

Finally, you’ll also be able to customize all of the hardware and accessories for your new glass door. Pick your favorite finish and style for your:

  • Knobs and handles
  • Bases and curbs
  • Insets and other custom add-ons

When you work with M&M Glass, there is no design element that is out of reach. We specialize in custom projects that are tailored to your unique preferences.

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