Reflecting on ’23: A Parade of Homes Glass & Mirror Vendor 

As a long-time participant in the local Parade of Homes in South Louisiana, we always enjoy reflecting on previous Parade projects as we prepare for the upcoming season. At M&M Glass Company, we have the privilege of collaborating with local contractors on numerous award-winning projects. Take a stroll with us down memory lane and revisit some of the best of the best in 2023! 

M&M Glass Company half-moon custom shower panel

#1 – Contemporary Vibes in the Guest Bathroom

Teaming up with Waguespack Homes and Angel Lewis Designs for this Gonzales homemade “crazy custom shower” a new hot trend for 2024 guest bathrooms!  A unique half-moon shower panel instantly grabs your guests’ attention… Get ready for the “Where did you get that shower from?” questions with this one!

#2 – Not-So-Antique Mirror Wall Creates Luxury

Our crew met with the builders at LeBlanc & Fresina to create a functional chic master bathroom.  Adding “antique mirror” doesn’t mean your design is dated. It’s quite the opposite! With numerous options to choose from, our antique mirrors bring a new level of luxurious character to your space.  

M&M Glass Company antique mirror wall in master bathroom
M&M Glass Company custom black mirror wall

#3 – Trending: Dark and Moody

You have probably seen a rise in dark paint colors, moody half-baths, and eccentric accent walls. Manchac Homes was set on a dramatic look for this in-home lounge and knew we were up for the task! We designed this double-stacked, beveled black mirror panel wall complete with custom glass shelving to fit the needs of this masterful space for homeowners!  

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Never been in the Parade of Homes? Check with your local Home Builders Association for more details about how to get involved. 

We can’t wait to team up with the 2024 Parade of Homes builders in South Louisiana! 

Stay tuned all month long with features from the 2023 Parade of Homes.