Preparing for your holiday guests with these simple glass-inspired updates

As the holiday season rapidly approaches, now is the perfect time to make small updates for your holiday guests without taking on a demo project or a full renovation. If you’re looking to make some easy, yet stunning updates to your home for the holidays, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite glass-inspired ideas!

Say “goodbye” to that shower curtain

Guest bathrooms are notorious for featuring a tub with a fun shower curtain. We get it! When your family has little ones a tub is more practical for not only your lifestyle but your smallest guests as well.

If you’re ready to part ways with your shower curtain, elevating your guest bathroom design, all while keeping your tub intact, we’ve got you covered. We are not talking about your grandmother’s “enclosed tub/shower”, take a look…

home update with glass tub enclosure
upgraded tub design for the holidays

Upgraded “Drop Zone”

No matter where your “drop zone” is located within your home, like the majority of us, 9 times out of 10 of this area is a hodge-podge of items ranging from socks and shoes to half-eaten snacks and broken umbrellas.

While you love the idea of a beautifully designed “drop zone” with glass-front cabinets featuring beautiful decor inside; that is not the season of life you currently reside in. Not to worry, we have some options for you that will keep your clutter hidden.

Consider installing frosted or patterned glassfronts, grey or black colored glass, or even antique mirrors. Not only do these doors look beautiful, but they also allow the contents within these cabinets to remain “hidden” to your guests.

updated mud room cabinet design with pattern glass for holiday guests
entry decor with antique mirror glass will wow your holiday guests

Beautiful Bar Upgrade

Whether you’ve dreamt of a coffee bar, wine room, or both – your holiday guests will love the addition of floating glass shelves, a glass backsplash addition, or swapping out wood front cabinets for ornate glass instantly elevates the space. These minor touches make a big impact when you want to update your home decor for holiday guests.

incorporating antique mirror backsplash for bar is a great way to elevate your home for the holidays
wine room and bar design with glass accents for holiday guests

Contemplating what to do with the space under your staircase? Check out the transformation these homeowners opted for…

under the stair wine room design will ensure you are fully stocked for your holiday guests
small wine room storage with glass doors for holidays

Add Holiday Elegance with Glass Tabletops

Concerned about your antique table accidentally getting scratched? Consider a custom glass tabletop to refresh your dining space. Glass is not only chic and modern but also easy to clean—a perfect combination for those holiday gatherings.

custom glass table top
dining room glass table top

So, as you prepare for the festivities, think beyond the conventional. Let custom glass inspire your holiday home updates, and create a space that’s not just decorated, but enchantingly transformed.

For more ideas and custom glass solutions for your holiday home updates, connect with us – your local South Louisiana glass experts, where every piece is a toast to the season’s splendor.