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Take your interior design to the next level with beautiful specialty mirrors. From narrow hallways to oversized rooms for entertaining, M&M Glass can bring your vision to life. Once you have your mirror in place, our cutout mirrors allow for a truly customized feel to incorporate your finishing touches, like light switches and wall sconces. At M&M Glass, our goal is to help you create a breathtaking space that meets all of your needs. This is what you can expect.

Customized to Your Home

Your home is a reflection of your style, but it also serves as a warm and inviting place for friends and family. This means versatility is imperative when it comes to designing your space. We believe you should never sacrifice functionality in order to achieve a certain look.

Mirror cutouts allow you to customize your mirrors to incorporate the many important details of a room. From light fixtures to floating glass shelves, we can create mirror cutouts to leave space for a range of unique to your home additions. This elevates your design and allows for different components to work together in the same space. Some of our most elegant work features mirrors with cutouts.

For decades, we've helped homeowners like you create truly gorgeous, one-of-a-kind designs. Check out our gallery of previous projects for your design inspiration or keep reading to learn more about possible customizations.


Switches and outlets

If there are fixtures, switches, or outlets in the area where you’d like to install your cutout mirrors, we can create safe cutouts so that the fixture, switch, or outlet can come through the mirror. We drill the mirror with a special bit and then cut it to exactly the correct size.

When it comes to your bathroom or vanity, features like this are essential. You’ll need plenty of outlets to plug in a range of electronic accessories. The good news is, cutout mirrors allow for a seamless look that doesn’t distract from the beauty of your gleaming mirrors.


Light fixtures

While light fixtures are an essential addition to your bathroom, they can add a beautiful touch to a variety of mirrored spaces. From your home bar to an office, adding light fixtures help boost lighting and enhance the sparkle of your mirrors.

If you are also installing sconces, those fixtures will need to be present at the time of our initial measuring so our team can see what size hole should be made for those cutouts. This will help us guarantee a seamless look and perfect fit.

The M&M Glass Difference

From the moment you schedule a free consultation, you’ll notice the M&M Glass difference. For more than 30 years, we have delivered the highest-quality glass services to southern Louisiana customers.

We listen closely to the stylistic elements you want to experience when you walk into a room and can also offer suggestions for the best use of your space. Within 24 hours, you’ll receive a quote that clearly explains all of your costs for design and installation. If you’re concerned about your budget, don’t hesitate to let us know. Our team can help you find different options at varying price points that work for you.

Once you approve our design, we will take detailed measurements to ensure a perfect fit. From there, we’ll get to work on your dream cutout mirrors and stay in touch every step of the way.


Exact designs

After deciding that a mirror with cutouts is the right design choice for your space, you will need to ensure that the electrical boxes have been placed for all of the fixtures, outlets, and switches you wish to bring through the mirror.

From there, you’ll need to make a few important decisions. At M&M Glass, all of our work is done by a team of experts right here in Louisiana. We never outsource work, which means we have complete control from start to finish. We’ll help you determine the best thickness for your specific mirrors. Plus, we’ll go over the different options available to you for the edges of your mirror.


Gorgeous features

Many of our clients prefer to add gorgeous mirror elements to create a distinct style. You can accomplish this with textured or tinted glass, as well as beveled edges.

One of the most popular ways to add a special pop to any mirror is a frame. Wood frames complement the warm hues of wood flooring or furniture and inspire a cozy, timeless feeling. We can also add a weathered finish for a touch of farmhouse style that gives you a lived-in feeling. Alternatively, metallic framed mirrors are made to shine and bring out modern elements, like light fixtures or marble. While this is a versatile choice, contemporary homes with clean lines often embrace metal.

When selecting a frame for a mirror that contains cutouts, keep in mind that the mirror must be placed flush with the wall. Any frame will have to be surface mounted to the mirror. We carry several in-stock frames that are made for this purpose. Any of our other frames can be built in reverse so they may be mounted to the surface, but additional charges may apply.


Installation done right 

M&M Glass puts safety backing on all mirrors with cutouts. This ensures that if the glass breaks or cracks, the mirror will stay in one piece.

If your mirror has cutouts for electrical outlets or switches, we will also include the mirrored plate outlet and switch plates. When our installers place a mirror with cutouts on your wall, they are responsible for floating the outlets and placing the mirrored outlet covers.

Your electrician will be responsible for hanging any sconces over the mirror. When installing these, the electrician should always use a screwdriver instead of an electric drill. If the screws are overtightened, it could crack the mirror.

Please be mindful of any other work to be done on or near your mirror. The surface can be scratched by tools, buckles, or any hard metal material. Have questions? Don't hesitate to give our team a call for more information.


Our other glass services

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We design and install a number of glass projects, including:

Design Your Dream Home

Find out why M&M Glass is known for craftsmanship and impeccable service. No matter the size of your project, our team offers expert knowledge and design experience every step of the way.

We are licensed by the Louisiana State Board of Contractors. Plus, we are a member of the Baton Rouge Better Business Bureau, Home Builder’s Association of Greater Baton Rouge, Home Builder's Association of Greater New Orleans, Northshore Home Builders Association, Acadian Home Builders Association, the Houma/Terrebonne area’s Southeastern Louisiana’s Home Builders Association, and Louisiana’s Home Builders Association.


If you’re looking for cutout mirrors in Louisiana, call M&M Glass to set up your free consultation. We proudly serve residents in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, North Shore, and Lafayette. You can also visit our knowledgeable team in our showroom at 13429 S. Choctaw Dr. in Baton Rouge to see a variety of products. This allows you to see our glass and frame products, feel them, and hear more about how they work.

With M&M Glass, you can bring your dream home to life! Call us today for more information or for a free estimate.