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Glass pieces rejuvenate a home. They bring sunshine in, flooding spaces with light. They open up lines of sight or create areas for reflection. They also make areas easier to clean and can protect treasured pieces. At M&M Glass, we design custom glass table tops and furniture tops in Louisiana for residents in the Baton Rouge, New Orleans, North Shore, and Lafayette communities. Whether you're adding a glass top or replacing a damaged piece, this is how we can help.

Your Furniture And Custom Glass Table Top Projects Start Here

Today's homes are about light and effortless ease. By adding glass tops to your furniture and tables, you can:

  • Add light and the illusion of space to any room in your home
  • Create spaces that are easier to clean and maintain
  • Protect antiques and other family heirlooms from scratches, dents, or stains
  • Dress up your home office and bar areas


At M&M Glass, we design custom glass table tops for dining tables for many of our customers, but we do so much more. Get the same benefits with custom-made glass tops for your:

  • Outdoor patio furniture
  • End tables
  • Countertops
  • Desks and workspaces
  • Bathroom counters


Want to see more of our designs? Check out our inspiration gallery below.

Made For Your Home

At M&M Glass, we're committed to creating beautiful pieces you can enjoy every day. Part of that is making the entire process easy for you.

You'll start with a free consultation. Within 24 hours, our team will have an estimate for you to review. We always work to create a design that meets your budget and needs and can provide alternatives when the cost is a concern.

Once you approve a design (as we'll discuss below), our team will measure the table or furniture to ensure the perfect size for our finished product. This is especially important for pieces that will ultimately lie within a frame or brackets.

Our local team manages the design, construction, and installation process, too. Installing a custom glass tabletop or furniture top usually takes less than an hour. When we're done, your piece will be securely fastened and you'll know how to clean and care for it for years to come. You'll also enjoy a one-year warranty period on all M&M Glass projects.


Types of furniture tops

When you're designing a new custom glass piece for your furniture, you'll first consider what type of top you need. This will dictate what other features you can incorporate in your final product.

There are two major types: a glass top and a glass cover.

A glass cover is made out of one seamless pane of glass that rests on top of a solid piece underneath it. Covers are best for protecting antique tables, for example, or creating an easy-to-clean space on an office desk.

On the other hand, a glass top means that the full table surface is made from glass. A pedestal or other base supports the glass. Tables with a glass top can be a beautiful addition in your living room or open up a dining room. 

Between these two options are those furniture pieces with full or partial frames to support the pane of glass. These allow for the illusion of space that glass provides with additional reinforcement.

Glass table tops for a desk and coffee table.


Focused on safety

When it comes to your family's safety, we don't leave anything to chance. At M&M Glass, our experts design pieces that can stand up to daily use. We also ensure the glass isn't too heavy for the base of your piece.

We do this in a number of ways. First, we start with the thickness of the glass itself. If you need a glass cover for a solid piece, we typically recommend ¼ inch thick glass. For tabletops that are entirely made of glass or those with heavy use, we may recommend using glass ½ inch thick or more.

Next, we make the majority of our products from tempered glass. This is a stronger type of glass that is more resistant to impacts and scratches. However, if your piece ever does crack, it breaks into thousands of small pieces that are less sharp. We do offer non-tempered glass tops for some solid structures, like desktops.

Finally, we add small touches like clear plastic buttons to keep your glass in place and protect the furniture underneath.


Choose your style

At M&M Glass, we want our pieces to complement your home's style and personality. We offer a wide variety of glass finishes and edges to complete your look.

Choose from clear, textured, or tinted glass. These options bring in a different look to your furniture tops, adding color or texture to indoor and outdoor spaces.

Our team can also make any custom shape you need, from round table tops to long rectangles for dining room tables to custom shapes.

The type of glass top you need also influences which edge you finally choose. Our team can finish your piece with flat or beveled edges for table covers. If you have a full glass tabletop, you may choose rounded edges for safety. Adding one to your office? We can also add cut-outs to your piece to add spaces for cords to pass through.

Together, these extra touches bring a smooth, refined look to your custom glass tabletops or furniture tops.

The M&M Glass Difference

If you're looking for custom glass table tops in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, North Shore, Lafayette, Houma, or Thibodaux we're glad you found us.

Our team has been helping Louisiana residents create their dream homes since 1984. We genuinely love the work we do. It's a humbling responsibility to design pieces you'll see every day, so our goal is to create gorgeous work that makes you smile, every time.

We take that a step further by ensuring our team is licensed, bonded, and insured in excess of state requirements (Louisiana State Board of Contractors license #48486).

We are also a member of the Baton Rouge Better Business Bureau, Baton Rouge’s Capital Region Builders Association, the Home Builders Association of Greater New Orleans, and the Northshore Home Builder’s Association.


Our other glass services

M&M Glass can create a variety of glass pieces for your home. We design and install:


Our team does not handle windows or automobile glass. Further, we don't do glass repairs for projects done by other companies.

Get Started Today

We'd love to talk to you about your custom glass table top or furniture top project.

Always feel free to visit our showroom at 13429 S. Choctaw Dr. in Baton Rouge. Our team can show you the different finishes, glass types, and features you can choose from. They can also walk you through the design and installation process in more detail.

You can also call M&M Glass today for a free estimate. We typically return quotes in 24 hours or less for residential projects.