Alcove Tubs

Your bathtub is more than a key component of your bathroom design. It should be a comfortable place for you to find relaxation, and a stunning part of your overall bathroom aesthetic. At M&M Glass, we partner with Fleurco to bring these features together in the form of gorgeous alcove tubs.

You won't need to sacrifice a bathtub because you feel like you don’t have the room. These tubs are the perfect way to make the best use of small spaces. Alcove tubs allow you to optimize your square footage and get the indulgent space for relaxation you want.

Your Place to Unwind

Alcove tubs are surrounded by walls on three sides, maximizing the space available in your bathroom floor plan. Unlike a freestanding bathtub, you can sneak alcove tubs into your space without taking up a lot of room. This is a place for you to indulge in the beauty and luxury of a perfectly crafted tub.

Because they’re built with graceful clean lines, you can trust that your tub will also be a statement piece. You can even make this beautiful space your own with upgraded faucets. A modern faucet lends itself to a high-profile minimalist design that feels like a day spa. Prefer vintage elegance? A rubbed bronze or copper finish adds a traditional feeling to your design.

Fleurco alcove tubs also come with a seamless drain cover and a modern slotted clean overflow. Installation is made easy with their RapidConnect® drain for rough-in plumbing. This saves you time and money because your plumber doesn't need to get under the tub from the floor.

Why We Choose Fleurco

Homeowners have trusted the M&M Glass team in southern Louisiana for more than 30 years because of our commitment to excellence. We produce the highest quality products and partner with companies that promise to do the same.

We sell Fleurco alcove tubs because they provide high-quality designs at an affordable price that homeowners deserve. Whether you’re working on a remodel or new home construction, they help you bring your dream bathroom to life.

Fleurco’s alcove tubs come with the following benefits:

  • A patented and unique slim profile to maximize your space
  • An integrated one-piece tub and skirt with unsurpassed quality of construction
  • Spacious designs that allow for optimal comfort
  • High gloss acrylic sheet material that is easy to clean and scratch and stain resistant
  • UPC™/cUPC™ certification that guarantees safe and sanitary plumbing systems
  • A 10-year warranty in the event of an issue with your tub
  • Compatibility with Fleurco SlideonTM drain for ease of use


These features make Fleurco the best option on the market if you’re searching for alcove tubs. We sell the Fleurco Motif 6030 and Fleurco Motif 6032 because we know they are the best money can buy.

Let's Design Your Dream Bathroom

From the very beginning, M&M Glass can help you make the best use of your space and budget when installing an alcove tub. When you work with our team, the process will begin with a free consultation. From the moment we first meet you, we pride ourselves on doing a thorough job. Within 24 hours, you'll have an estimate for the total cost of your project.

To start, our team takes exact measurements of your space to ensure you have enough clearance room around your tub. This is important if you ever need to make repairs and also makes it easier to clean. While measuring your bathroom is important, too many homeowners neglect to measure the stairwells or doorways the tub must travel through, too. Our team will ensure the most direct and convenient route is possible. They'll also make sure you have a strong enough foundation to support the tub’s full weight. This is especially important if you're installing it on the second story of your home.

Do you have a plumber or general contractor you’re partnering with? We can make sure they have all the information they need to safely install the tub in your bathroom.

At M&M Glass, our team can also suggest alternative tub styles or shapes to make the best use of your space. Perhaps a freestanding tub will be better for your overall bathroom design and layout? We are experts in our field, which means we can create a project that fits your vision and your budget. If you’re torn between your options, our team members can go over the benefits of each to help you make the right decision.

They'll also help you select from the following.


Doors and accessories

In most cases, alcove tubs are used in combination with a showerhead. For small spaces, this is the best way to get both a shower and bathtub into your layout. Don’t obstruct the view of your beautiful new bathtub with a shower curtain. At M&M Glass, we can craft beautiful glass shower doors to enclose this area.

While every situation is unique, bypass, or sliding shower doors, work particularly well in this configuration. These doors slide past each other to open, reducing the space you need for use. Our standard thickness for shower doors is 3/8-inch glass. For taller or wider showers, we may recommend 1/2-inch glass. All of our shower doors are made from tempered glass for your long-term safety. If it does shatter, it breaks into thousands of small pieces that are less dangerous.

You'll also be able to choose from different types of glass. Beyond the standard clear glass, we offer:

  • Ultra-clear, or low iron, glass: Low iron glass has a reduced iron content that results in less green and beautiful colorless clarity.
  • Textured glass: Add depth and privacy to help obscure objects with textured glass. We offer a variety of textured finishes, depending on your needs.
  • Tinted glass: You may prefer a slight tint to your shower doors and can choose from light blush tones to cool blues that match your style.


Finally, you'll also be able to customize all of the hardware and accessories for your new glass door. Pick your favorite finish and style for your:

  • Knobs and handles
  • Bases and curbs
  • Insets and other add-ons


When you work with M&M Glass, there is no design element that is out of reach. We specialize in custom projects that are tailored to your unique preferences.


Our other glass services

We started back in 1984 with shower doors, but our team does much more today. In addition to alcove tubs, M&M Glass can design and install a variety of glass pieces that work for your unique space, such as:   


Please note that our team does not handle windows or automobile glass. We also do not handle glass repairs for projects done by other companies.

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Your bathtub should be beautiful and functional. This is where you want to relax and unwind at the end of a long day. Soak into the spa-like atmosphere you've always dreamed of with Fleurco’s alcove tubs.

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