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A relaxing and luxurious bathroom with an expansive, sparkling shower is a beautiful thing. Creating an oasis with a custom shower is one way to capture the pampered spa experience in your own home. There are many different shower door options that will help you turn your bathroom into a light-filled, flowing space.

At M&M Glass, we've been crafting shower doors for the southern Louisiana community since 1984. These are the types of choices, options, and accessories you'll be able to pick from when you upgrade your shower experience!

Designed For Your Space And Style

The first decision to make is choosing between a framed vs. frameless shower door.

Framed shower doors provide a sense of structure to your shower, at more affordable price points. There are a variety of options that allow you to choose what best suits your style and design aesthetic.

Frameless shower doors are also a best seller for our customers. These open glass panels provide clean visual lines for light to stream through. They can make small bathrooms appear larger and large bathrooms seem palatial. Light-reflecting from the mirror to and through your shower doors offers an elegant, modern option for your bathroom.

At M&M Glass, we also offer semi-frameless shower doors. These doors combine the wide-open luxury of a frameless shower with the style and structure of a framed shower door.

Whether framed or frameless, you can choose from the following types of shower door options:

  • Steam: A fully enclosed type of framed shower door allows you to turn your shower into a steam room
  • Pivot: This type of framed shower door opens like a regular door
  • Inline: Inline shower doors also open like a regular door but can be inset with large glass panels
  • Bypass: Bypass doors slide past each other to maximize space
  • Custom: Custom-designed doors fit unusual spaces and meet specific design considerations

Once you've decided on the basic look of your shower, these are the other shower door options you'll have to choose from. Are you ready to start looking for inspiration for your next project? Find some of our shower designs here.


Framed inline shower door in oil rubbed bronze finish.Framed inline shower door in oil rubbed bronze finish.Framed bypass shower door in brushed nickel finish. Image courtesy of Alumax Bath Enclosures by Sapa.

Glass type

M&M Glass always uses tempered glass for safety in your shower door. Tempered glass is cooled more slowly when it is manufactured. The result is a stronger type of glass that resists breaking. And if it does break, tempered glass creates many small pieces of glass instead of large, jagged fragments.

Within this category are different types of glass. Ultra-clear or low-iron glass is perfect for shower doors. This type of glass has no tint and seems to disappear – perfect for designs where you want your shower walls to seem invisible. One challenging aspect to most types of ultra-clear glass is that it can show fingerprints and smudges, but M&M Glass offers a special clean coating that repels water and helps to prevent this.

Textured glass is another option. If you’d like to create a shower that allows light through but also offers privacy and separation from the rest of the bathroom, a subtle textured design fits the brief. Textured glass also helps diffuse direct sunlight for a softer look.

Whether ultra-clear or textured, shower glass comes in a variety of thicknesses. At a minimum, we recommend 3/8” glass. For taller or wider showers, ½” glass is the strongest choice.

Burst: available for a variety of uses. Contact us for more information!Wave (Small): available for a variety of uses. Contact us for more information! Water #1: available for a variety of uses. Contact us for more information! Water #1: available for a variety of uses. Contact us for more information!

Hardware and accessories

Shower door accessories are the ultimate way to personalize your shower and explore design possibilities.

We work with Fleurco, the leading manufacturer of high-quality shower doors in North America. They produce modern and updated base styles in materials from matte black stone to wood. Their discrete drain options clear water from your shower in style.

But that’s not all, Fleurco designs a host of mirrored hooks, shelves, and other accessories to streamline your shower storage. Corner shelves and caddies can be selected for their clean lines and modern look, creating a shower that is made just for you.

Design your custom shower with curb and bench options for beautiful accessibility for the whole family too.

Corner shelf inside a shower.Main shelf inside of a shower.access-veritas-metal-corner


The days of cookie-cutter brushed nickel or stainless shower door hardware are gone. We offer 12 different finishes of shower knobs and handles to customize your look and compliment your overall design.

We offer hardware in a wide variety of finishes! Contact us for specific details and availability.

Let's Design Your Dream Bathroom

Designing from scratch gives you the opportunity to build your dream bathroom from the ground up. You can decide if the tub and shower will be separate, how you’d like to utilize the available light and any unique designs that can further customize your bathroom.

If you are redesigning an existing bathroom, you still have many shower door options and can customize with shower door hardware and accessories.


Your design choices

In many ways, your design choices will be influenced not only by your personal style but also by the space you are working in. Deep but narrow bathrooms work best with doors that glide silently past each other. Smaller bathrooms maximize both style and space with a corner shower. Large bathrooms might have space for a double showerhead and benches for a relaxing retreat.

Your design choices start with the practical aspects of your bathroom, but they can easily be customized. For example, a frameless pivot shower door with antique brushed copper knobs and a black matte base looks very different from semi-frameless bypass doors with polished nickel pulls.

Your dream shower starts with the practical aspects of space considerations and how you’ll use the shower, but it ends as a reflection of your own personal style.

Unsure of your vision, or need help? M&M Glass offers free phone and in-home design consultations. We offer custom work, too, so you can find the perfect design.



Once your design is in place, installation can begin. Our experts measure your space for a perfect fit, every time. We take our time on this step so that every task after is seamless.

When your shower door and accessories are ready, we’ll schedule an installation appointment at your earliest convenience. The majority of shower door installations take just a few hours. Larger projects or those with custom pieces may take a bit longer, but our team will let you know exactly what to expect.

Once your shower and shower door hardware and accessories are installed, we’ll clean your shower to a spotless shine before we go and answer any questions you have.


Our other glass products

M&M Glass offers more than a wide variety of shower door options.

Our custom-designed mirrors are the finishing touch to any great design – we have designed and installed mirrors for customers in the Baton Rouge, New Orleans, North Shore, and Lafayette communities. Mirrors reflect light into dark spaces and maybe the last vision you have of yourself before you walk out your door. Let us help you make sure it’s beautiful.

We also offer other glass products, including:

The MMG Difference

When you are in business for over three decades, you learn what matters most. Our core values have guided our work since Robert Mitchell founded M&M Glass back in 1984.

This is the MMG difference:

  • Speed: Your time is valuable, and we will do everything we can to complete your project in your timeframe
  • Integrity: We uphold the dignity of everyone who associates with us and work hard to earn your trust
  • Value: M&M Glass offers you the best products and the best services at the best price
  • Innovation: We are committed to evolving and changing, with investments in education and training for all of our employees
  • Family: We are proud members of the southern Louisiana community with a deep love for our vibrant state
  • Safety: Our glass products are the safest available, and our technicians are trained to ensure proper installation

Our goal is to help you choose shower door options that you will love for years to come. When you’re ready to get started on your new beautiful shower, get in touch with M&M Glass for a free consultation.