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Mirrors can be functional, decorative, or both at the same time. With so many different styles and appearances available, an oval mirror with its round nature can really offer a subtle and softness to your space that rectangular mirrors, with their abrupt and angular sides, cannot provide. There are many types of oval mirrors including wall mounted mirrors, floor mirrors, standing mirrors, and oval mirrors for a vanity or bathroom. M&M Glass can help you choose the mirror that will fit your space best.

When selecting a wall mounted oval mirror, there are a few trends to know about. In terms of style, vanity mirrors are a great look for a bathroom but differ from living room and bedroom mirrors. Adding a frame to an oval mirror can give a great look to a living room or bedroom while a frameless oval mirror is a great look for a vanity or bathroom. Although, a crystal frame can add a level of sophistication to your bathroom and can fit the décor of some bedrooms.

After choosing what type of oval mirror will work best in your chosen space you will want to start thinking about the placement of the mirror. Placing your mirrors closer or in a direct line to windows will bring more light into the room during daytime as natural sunlight is reflected and scattered across the room. If your room doesn’t provide much natural light, such as a bathroom, adding vanity mirror lights can be a good solution to this problem.