LUNA Lighted Mirrors by FLEURCO

When you get out of bed in the morning, you need the right lighting to kickstart your routine. Don’t stumble around in the darkness as you’re getting ready for the day ahead. Lighted mirrors illuminate your entire bathroom, making it easy to tackle shaving, makeup application, and more. Beyond the functional nature of a mirror with lights, you can also boost the beauty and design aesthetic of your bathroom. M&M Glass can help you create the space you’ve always wanted, tailored to your routine and lifestyle, with LUNA lighted mirrors by Fleurco.

Why We Choose Fleurco LUNA Lighted Mirrors 

M&M Glass has been providing unparalleled glass and mirror products to our southern Louisiana community for more than three decades. From remodels to new builds, we’ve earned the trust of our clients. Knowing how important this is, we only partner with manufacturers that provide the highest quality products.

Fleurco LUNA mirrors make it possible to have stunning design elements at an affordable price. Here are some of the features we love:

  • Warm white LED lighting: Energy-efficient lighting is warm, inviting, and even compatible with dimmers
  • Acid-etched bands: Light that shines through the face of your mirror using beautiful etches
  • Defogger pad: Targeted technology that allows for a designated area of fog-free reflection
  • Copper-free and distortion-free glass: Enjoy optimal quality and clarity in this glass that's made without copper to prevent corrosion
  • Safe installation features: Aluminum frames are built for efficient installation and safety film backing comes for added security

Available in a range of shapes and sizes, our LUNA mirrors can add a touch of style to your space.

LUNA Models We Carry  

We carry several different models of Fleurco's LUNA mirrors, so you can find the perfect fit for your bathroom. Keep in mind, each of these are available in a range of different sizes for bathrooms of various designs.



With warm and energy-efficient lighting that is suitable for makeup application and shaving, you’ll enjoy beautiful light that shines around the perimeter of the mirror.

The on/off switch is conveniently located and compatible with wall dimmers. Plus, a defogger pad is included. Available in both round and rectangular styles.



Equipped with a defogging pad and pencil edge aluminum frame, this mirror features two light columns on each side of the mirror. This allows warm LED lights to shine through the face of the mirror, rather than the perimeter.

This is another Fleurco model that is ideal for makeup application and shaving.



Mounts vertically for a head-to-toe reflection, perfect for closets and other wardrobe areas. This mirror features the warm LED lighting Fleurco is known for, shining through etched light columns on each side of the mirror. This allows the light to shine through the face of the mirror for a clear and glowing reflection.

Answers To Your FAQs About Lighted Mirrors 

Before you invest in lighted mirrors for your space, you may have a few questions. These are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive.


What's the difference between backlit and lighted mirrors?

The difference between backlit and lighted mirrors refers to the location of the light source. In a backlit mirror, these lights often shine from behind the mirror along the perimeter.

On the other hand, a regular lighted mirror provides lighting that shines from the front of the mirror through the etched glass. This will usually provide a brighter light that is more focused. 


Do backlit mirrors provide enough light?

When they’re created with the right technology, yes! Fleurco LUNA mirrors in particular can provide the lighting you need due to LED technology.

While LED is known for being bright, Fleurco has perfected the color to be a warm white that mimics natural daylight.


Is backlit or edge-lit better in lighted mirrors?

Comparing backlit and edge-lit mirrors comes down to a matter of personal preference. Edge-lit mirrors often provide more in terms of style and mood, but both mirrors serve the same purpose.

We invite you to visit our showroom to see various options in person before you decide which design works best for your project.


Where are the best places to add lighted mirrors? 

Bathrooms are the most popular places to put lighted mirrors. From shaving to makeup application, it can add the lighting you need for your morning routine. Lighted mirrors are also beautiful for closets and wardrobe areas. Get an accurate look at your outfit from head to toe before you step out the door when you invest in a mirror with lights.

Have a home gym you’d like to take to the next level? This is another great place for lighted mirrors. Whether you’re starting your fitness routine before the sun comes up or at the end of a long day, you can have the illumination you need by adding a mirror with lights. When customizing your home gym, keep in mind any size restrictions on lighted mirrors. 

Beyond these uses, lighted mirrors can add a beautiful touch to any room. From living spaces to wine cellars, a dim perimeter light can add natural lighting that boosts the design aesthetic of any space.


Are LED mirrors good for makeup?

Great lighting is the key to precise makeup application. Without it, you simply can’t achieve a look that will translate in different lighting situations throughout your day. For example, how your makeup looks in natural sunlight will differ from how it appears under fluorescent office lighting or at a candlelit restaurant.

Makeup mirrors with lights allow you to apply foundation, highlighter, and other contouring effects in the perfect environment. You will never have to worry about poor blending or a color imbalance between your face and the rest of your body. When it comes to eyeliner and false lashes, you’ll also have better lighting to ensure precision.


Don’t see your question here? Just give us a call! The team at M&M Glass can provide details about the lighted mirror you may be considering. 

The MMG Difference

Partnering with M&M Glass means working with a team that is committed to excellence. From the first consultation to installation day, we will treat your piece (and your home) with the same high-quality care we’d expect for our own project.

The process begins with a free consultation. This is an opportunity for us to visit your home, see the space, and listen closely to your ideas. From stylistic elements to precise measurements, we take note of everything. Not sure what you’re looking for? We can also provide suggestions for the best and most beautiful use of your specific space.

After your consultation, you can expect to receive a quote within 24 hours. This breakdown will clearly explain all of your costs for design and installation. If the budget isn’t quite right, please let us know. We can help you find different options to bring the price down to a level that is more comfortable.

On installation day, we will secure your new mirrors with safety and precision in mind. You can expect a flawless fit that will stay in place. We’ll even show you how to care for your new mirrors to keep them sparkling and clean for years to come.

Because we stand by our craftsmanship, each product comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. If you have concerns regarding a product we’ve installed, we want to make it right.


Our other mirrors and glass services 

Whether you’re building a new house or remodeling your current one, mirrors and glass can add a beautiful touch to any design. Go beyond lighted mirrors with a variety of M&M Glass custom pieces, including:


Looking for inspiration? Visit our showroom in Baton Rouge. We have a wide variety of glass products on display. Our team members can show you our design concepts, as well as finishes and hardware.

Let's Design Your Dream Bathroom

Your dream bathroom is always within reach when you partner with M&M Glass. We design and custom make all of our glass pieces right here in Louisiana for clients in the Baton Rouge, New Orleans, North Shore, and Lafayette communities. We also partner with best-in-class manufacturers like Fleurco for specialty products.

Let us bring your vision to life! Visit the M&M Glass showroom at 13429 S. Choctaw Dr. in Baton Rouge or schedule your free in-home estimate.