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The world of interior design is always changing, but certain elements will always remain in style. Mirrors are beautiful and timeless with ways to use them far beyond the bathroom. The reflective nature of mirrors can make a room feel larger, brighter, and balanced. At M&M Glass, one of our favorite ways to add that special touch is through the use of mirror cabinets and mirror closet doors. Both of these design tactics can drastically improve the aesthetic quality of a room. Here's how.

Your Mirror Project Starts Here

There’s a reason why lightbulb companies are always trying to replicate the appearance of natural lighting. It’s flattering and provides an immediate mood boost, especially during that “golden hour” before sunset. Mirrors are special because they reflect this gorgeous natural light, making way for a sun-drenched space that feels light and airy.

The good news is you can easily use this design trick in any room.

First, let’s explore ways to use mirrors in the kitchen. Perhaps the most popular use of mirrors you’ll find in the kitchen is mirror cabinets, which provide visual depth, light, and texture to any space. Backsplash mirrors under cabinets also have a way of opening small kitchens, making them seem much larger than what meets the eye. Use tiled glass for a touch of style, or a seamless mirror to boost the reflective benefits.

Beyond the kitchen, mirror closet doors provide functionality and design appeal. In addition to getting a head-to-toe glimpse before you walk out the door, you can open your space and provide more light. Looking to boost the value of your home? Mirrors can even be used inside the closet to cut down on the traditionally small, dark feeling of this area.

At M&M Glass, we can bring your design dreams to life, no matter where you choose to place your mirror or glass project. Not sure what you’re looking for? We’re also happy to provide advice and ideas based on our decades of expertise.


Kitchen with custom-fit plain mirror cabinets.      Custom-fit plain mirror shelf backing for a bar..     Custom-fit antique mirror for an armoire.

About Mirror Closet Doors

Take your bedroom and wardrobe space to the next level with beautiful mirror closet doors. Here are answers to some of the questions we receive most often about these upgrades.


Are mirror closet doors safe?

Yes. At M&M Glass, safety is always top of mind. We pay close attention to the following elements to ensure all of our mirror closet doors, as well as other glass or mirror products, are safe:

  • Glass type and thickness: Depending on your project, we will determine the right glass thickness to ensure a sturdy installation. Plus, we prefer to use safer, tempered glass in high-traffic areas like closets.
  • Frame construction: Our custom frame shop allows us to create frames that are a perfect match for your mirror. This seamless fit keeps your mirror in place using high-quality hardware.
  • Backing: A safety backing will be used, when necessary, to keep mirrors safely in place for years to come.


Are mirror doors outdated?

In the past, sliding mirror closet doors were extremely popular due to their affordability. If you think back to this old-fashioned look, it’s easy to believe the style is outdated. But mirror doors today are much different than those of the past.

At M&M Glass, we typically add mirrors to beautiful French closet doors for a look that is truly classic. In the event that you need a sliding mirror door, we can make this possible in many different styles. From barn doors to elegantly framed sliders, the mirror doors of today are a beautiful addition to any closet space.


Custom-fit antique mirror for closet doors.   Custom-fit plain mirror for 3-way closet mirror.   Custom-fit antique mirror for closet doors.

The M&M Glass Difference

As a trusted Louisiana business for more than 30 years, M&M Glass is proud to be the finest mirror and glass provider in our community. We are a local, family-owned company through and through. Each member of our team has their own story and we’re united by a genuine love for what we do. Our goal is to surpass your expectations, bringing your design dreams to life!

M&M Glass is licensed, bonded, and insured in excess of state requirements (Louisiana State Board of Contractors license #48486). We are also a member of the Baton Rouge Better Business Bureau, Baton Rouge’s Capital Region Builders Association, the Home Builders Association of Greater New Orleans, and the Northshore Home Builder’s Association.


We take your safety seriously

In addition to creating beautiful pieces, we are committed to creating safe pieces that you can enjoy in your home or business. How do we accomplish this?

First, our shower doors, mirrors, and other glass projects are generally made from tempered glass. In the rare event that your piece does break, it will shatter into thousands of small pieces that are less dangerous than large shards.

Plus, all of our products are mounted and installed using secure, high-quality hardware and materials. This allows for a permanent fit that will stand the test of time.

Further, our standard thickness for shower doors is 3/8-inch glass. When it comes to shelves or tabletops, we prefer to use glass that is at least ¼-inch thick, but high-usage items may require ½-inch thickness or more. Mirrors will vary greatly depending on the type of mount. For example, our J-mold mounts typically work with mirrors up to ¼-inch thickness. However, we can design mounts for thicker mirrors due to their custom-made nature.


Our other glass services

While we may have started with shower doors, our team does so much more today. You can add beautiful clear lines of sight throughout your home and open small spaces with a variety of glass and mirror projects.

Every product is available in a range of different thicknesses, tints, and other finishing details. Whether you prefer texture or ultra-clear purity, we can design exactly what you’re looking for.

Our extensive portfolio of work includes:

Start Your Project Today

We invite you to experience the M&M Glass difference at our showroom located at 13429 S. Choctaw Dr. in Baton Rouge. Our team will guide you through the design and installation process, discussing the many options that are available. You will be able to see and touch our products in order to learn more about how they work.

Prefer an in-home consultation? We’d love to see your space and hear all about your vision and design ideas. If you're looking for custom mirrors or glass work in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, the North Shore, or Lafayette, get in touch with us today!

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